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  • What is the term of my loan?
    If a lender extends a loan offer to you, they may request additional information from you and ultimately lead you to their loan documentation. Within this documentation, you will find your loan term; This indicates when the loan is due in full or a payment schedule where you will pay off the loan in consecutive payment amounts. It is imperative that you thoroughly review the loan offer and all accompanying information from the lender to ensure you fully comprehend the terms and conditions and to aid you in comparing it to other available options. Your typical options include: Repaying the loan in full Renewing the loan while paying only interest and fees Renewing the loan and paying both interest and a portion of the principal Loan Pepper is not a lender and cannot advise you on your loan term. Please contact your lender directly if you have any questions regarding repayment.
  • Can I apply on holidays?'s online services are open 24/7. You can submit an electronic application at anytime. Lenders in our network have different operating hours.
  • How will the loan be funded?
    This will vary based on your lender. Typically, we see funds disbursed directly to the bank account via ACH. The standard timeline for this process post loan approval is 1 business day. Some lenders may fund immediately or via card. Please contact your lender for more details.
  • Do I need to mail or fax anything?
    For your application, we will not require you to fax or mail any documentation.
  • What if I don't have a driver's license?
    You can simply use your passport number or your SSN.
  • How soon after approval do lenders process the funds?
    After loan approval, lenders usually process the loan promptly, ensuring that the funds are available in your account by the next business day.
  • Can I apply with a savings account?
    In our lender network, there are several who are willing to provide you with a loan even if you have only a savings account. You will need to obtain the routing number from your bank to facilitate the electronic transfer of loan funds to your account in the event of approval.
  • What is an APR?
    The annual percentage rate (APR) is the annualized interest rate charged on a cash loan. The APR of a cash loan may range from 20 percent to 2,340 percent, depending on how the rate is calculated and other variables such as the loan duration, any incurred fees (late fees, nonpayment, etc.), and loan renewal specifics. It is important to note that the APR range is different from the finance charge, which your lender will disclose later in the loan request process. serves as a medium to connect potential borrowers with lenders and lending partners in our network. As we are not a lender, we do not offer any cash loans to consumers nor charge any fees for our services. Therefore, we cannot provide you with the specific annual percentage rate (APR) that your lender will attach to your loan. The APR can vary based on the information that you provide in your cash loan request and the lender's terms. When you get redirected to your loan agreement during the loan request process, your lender will disclose the APR, finance charges, and other applicable loan terms. If you need any help with services, you can contact us at
  • What loan amount can I apply for?
    $200 - $10,000
  • Does alimony or pension count as income?
    Some lenders in our network consider this to be a steady stream of income. You can apply for a loan with if you have alimony or pension as your primary mode of income.
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